Keep Your Trees Together

Ask about tree bracing and cabling in Hot Springs, AR

Are your trees splitting at the base of the trunk? Do you think your trees might split and fall soon? Turn to Spa City Arborist for tree bracing in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We’ll secure your trees to keep them from falling and damaging your property.

Cabling works better for the upper portion of the tree, whereas bracing works best for the base. When we visit your property, we’ll drill into your trees to install a pulley system. This will hold your trees in place as they grow. Once they’ve grown closer together, we’ll release the cables and brace.

Reach out to us today to arrange a tree cabling appointment in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

5 signs your trees need tree cabling

5 signs your trees need tree cabling

We’ll educate you on the best ways to preserve your trees to prevent them from splitting. Schedule tree cabling in Hot Springs, Arkansas if:

  1. Your trees are already leaning
  2. Your trees are old or have drooping branches
  3. Your trees sway a lot in the wind
  4. A storm has split or cracked your trees
  5. Your trees have carry heavy weight on one side

Trust us to keep your trees in one piece. Call 501-547-4018 now to get a free estimate on tree bracing in Hot Springs, Arkansas.